What's In a Name?

/What’s In a Name?

What’s In a Name?

WELCOME to 5 Blue Travel’s 1st blog post! My name is Naomi & I am the Founder & Owner of 5 Blue Travel LLC. If you’ve taken a few moments to read over “About Us” section, then you’ve already learned a lot about Logan the boxer my official mascot and you’ve also learned a little about who I am, what I do, and what I believe.

You’re probably wondering what’s in a name? Where does the inspiration for 5 Blue Travel come from?

5 Blue Travel comes from my desire to genuinely help others with a smile to just go, to unplug, to escape, to experience new cultures, to meet new people, & to feel the peace and freedom that travel gives.

My logo is inspired from the 5 beautiful blue oceans across the world and the limitless travel possibilities. The plane in my logo is nod to my dad Frank who passed away, but taught me kindness, greatness, and fearlessness. He was an elite and skilled pilot who honorably fought and flew in World War II as part of the Marine Air Force Group. Growing up, dad would often take to the skies in his private Cessna plane on the airstrip in the back yard of our farm. I will forever be thankful for the wisdom and experiences he shared with me.

I hope to feature some great travel blogs & articles here in the future, so keep checking back for more. You will be able find some more information & specials through:

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5 Blue Travel is here with the guidance you need to travel anywhere in the world for personal or business and excited to help you write your next travel story.