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The islands of the Caribbean are one of the world’s premier vacation destinations, a naturally beautiful landscape of sun filled blue skies, white sand beaches, & year round warm weather. Here are a few tidbits on some of the hottest destinations, but there are so many more!

The U.S Virgin Islands is a territory of the United States and consists of three main islands. St Croix known for it’s scuba diving & Buck Island an 800-acre nature reserve, Saint John known for its snorkeling, massive national park, & Trunk Bay one of the worlds best beaches, and Saint Thomas  known as the largest city, capital of USV, and a lush tropical paradise that you will never forget. Puerto Rico is a U.S territory is filled with rich island history and is currently being rebuilt after devastation from Hurricane Maria in 2017.

The Bahamas are known for their unmatched ecological beauty. Aruba is an absolutely phenomenal relaxing oasis. Turks and Caicos features one of the largest above ground dry cave systems in the Caribbean. Bermuda is a British territory and features some of the best golf courses in the world. The Cayman Islands is an island group that features amazing coral reefs and clear waters making it an outstanding destination for divers. Cuba is the Caribbeans largest island and is known for their music, highest literacy rates in the world, and it’s just 90 miles from Key West Florida. The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti and features miles of sugary white sand and their rum is among the worlds finest. Jamaica features diverse cuisine, friendly people, and adventure excursions. Antigua which received minimal damage from Hurricane Irma proudly proclaims it has “a beach for everyday of the year,” and Barbuda known for it’s pink sands is still devastated from Hurricane Irma that left the island almost uninhabitable in 2017.

(Beautiful Caribbean beach in the Dominican Republic aerial view from helicopter pictured)