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Project Description

Europe offers a strong ethnographic cultural, linguistic, and historical heritage with diverse nationalities. It has 35 official languages, an abundance of castles, monuments, cathedrals & ancient sites. The capitals of Europe offer a wealth of culture though world class museums, music concerts, & theatre. Natural attractions abound from the Mediterranean beaches to the rugged mountain ranges in the Alps.

You can visit as few or as many places as you want…just hop on a train and see the picturesque landscapes, or get on a river boat to sail on Europes many waterways such as the Rhine and Danube, or grab a bike and do some Cyclo-tourism for a hands on experience. Every region and city holds its own treasures so make sure to try the local cuisines. Europe will forever be calling you for a visit back.

(Eiffel Tower in Paris at night, France pictured | Photo Credit B.G)